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Scaling an Educational Website to 1 Million Monthly Visitors in Just 8 Months

Starting in January, our journey with an educational website began, fueled by strategic SEO planning and robust content production. By September, through focused strategies and consistent efforts, we successfully reached the milestone of over 1 million monthly visitors.


Culinary Triumph: From Acquisition to Low Six-Figure Exit, Achieving 50x ROI with a Food Blog in 2.5 Years

Through strategic SEO, content production, and CRO, we optimized the food blog’s revenue with display ads and affiliate marketing. This approach led to a profitable sale with a 30x return in just 2.5 years.


Transforming an Acquired Literature Info Website into the Niche’s Top Destination in Three Years

In just three years, we transformed a niche literature website into the top source for its topic, solely through expert on-page SEO and stellar content execution. This strategic approach yielded an impressive 20x return on investment, marking a significant success in our digital portfolio.


Tech Triumph: Rapid Growth and Successful Exit of a Computer Website in Just 2 Years

After buying a computer website, we strategically focused on key vertical topics and grew it through targeted content planning. Monetization through ads and affiliate content led to a successful exit with a 25x ROI in just two years.


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